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Alannah Ong


Alannah is an actress, teacher, writer, and activist. She attended the Royal College of Music, London, England, the Mount Royal College in Calgary, S.A.I.T. She later moved to Ottawa to become a professor at the Music Dept. of University of Ottawa where she also obtained her BA degree in Theatre. After moving to Vancouver, she began her career as an actress in films, TV shows, and the stage. Her film Double Happiness, a Canadian film won 7 international awards. She later returned to Hong Kong to star in many TV drama series with TVB and ATV. She is best known in Hong Kong for her role as Principal Ko in "Kindred Spirit," the longest running TV soap opera in Asia. Besides music and acting, she also teaches and gives workshops. Alannah also loves animals and is a consultant for the Animal Rescue Society. She has written a novel called The Legend of Hagu-Gatai, published in 2004. 

Charlotte Cheung 
Charlotte has been a part-time model since she was four. With more than six years of modeling experience, she has been in 18 different shoots. Besides, she is talented in learning language and voice competitions since an early age. From Primary 2 to 4, Charlotte participated in various competitions and was very successful. She always takes on challenges in speech and storytelling sections, in three different languages and specific speaking skills. Moreover, she has developed skills in singing and acting with the guidance from an experienced mentor and actor. She has the ability to sing in all 3 of those languages as well. In school, Charlotte is excellent in character and learning. Starting from kindergarten, she has received the "Outstanding Student Award" every year up till now, and has received a scholarship twice in 2012-2014. Charlotte also enjoys and performs well in physical and extracurricular activities. She has received numerous trophies from different open competitions. 
Charlotte has received the Achievement in Acting Award for SOPHIE from NYU Tisch Asia's First Run Film Festival 2015.






Siuman Ko


Siuman Ko graduated from United World College of Adraitic in Italy, then graduated with the Phi Beta Kappa honour, from the theater and dance department of Colby College in Maine, US. Later she took her Master of Fine Arts in Drama in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in acting. Back in US, Siu Man was awarded with a scholarship to study at Drama Centre London of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design to sharpen her acting skills and interned at the Green Candle Dance Company. Her recent performance credits include: Big Big Day (Theatre), The Red Sky (Theatre), Songs of those years (TV), Prime Credit (TVC), Revenge of the Local Heroes (Theatre).

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